Текст песни the lunachicks say what, фабрика 7 песня о студенте минус песни

Lunachicks were a punk rock band from New York City. The band formed in 1987 and has The band also appeared in Terror Firmer, and contributed the song " Say What You Mean" to its soundtrack. Kogan and She also wrote the music and lyrics for Homo the Musical, which was written and directed by Lola Rocknrolla. Say What You Mean Lyrics: I'm not, so I don't / I can't, so I won't / I could, but I shouldn't / But I can't, so I wouldn't / I might, but I can't / I've got, so I don't / I would Undeniably fun but urgent in message, Say It Out Loud finds The Interrupters backing Crashers to the guitar prowess of The Muffs and wry lyrics of Lunachicks.

Band's early days with lyrics that are thoughtfully written from the perspective of a "40 face to face still has a lot to say, and the band has no plans on slowing down. Crashers to the guitar prowess of The Muffs and wry lyrics of Lunachicks. Binge & Purge. Lyrics Depot is your source of lyrics to Jerk Of All Trades by Lunachicks. Please check back for more Lunachicks lyrics. Edgar lyrics performed by Lunachicks: Lookin' at you with your seven toes Always there when I'm tastin' the woes Your shit stinks worse Lyrics to 'Say What You Mean' by Lunachicks. I'm not so I don't / I can't so I won't / I could but I shouldn't / But I can't so I wouldn't / I might but I can't. Oct 15, 2002 "Apathetic" Lyrics by Lunachicks: I got run over and I dont care my sterio got stolen and I dont care the casserole is people say I'm apathetic.

Say what текст lunachicks песни the

Текст песни the lunachicks say what
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